event activities

Put Your C10 Truck Suspension to the Test on our Autocross!

See what your truck is capable of while carving through the cones at Texas Motor Speedway.

Smoke them Hides! Where
There is Smoke There is Cash!

Don’t miss this crowd favorite, action packed competition!
Cash rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Exciting Summit Racing Friday Night C10 Truck Drag Racing

Exciting left foot – right foot action! Run with your buddies to see who has the hottest straight line set up.

Find Out What Your Powerplant Can Do with Our Dyno

The Gandrud Chevrolet Performance Dyno settles the horsepower question once and for all!

The Best and Newest Products for Your GM Truck

The Sweet Patina Vendor Midway is packed with the latest products for your truck and garage.

The Perfect Place to Find
Your Next Treasure!

Packed with used parts and automotive related gems, there’s always something for everyone.

The CK Truck Magazine
C10 Circus is Like Nothing Else!

The C10 Circus starts with a 70′ Ferris Wheel that is FREE to ride. Bring the kids and have a blast.

The CK Truck Magazine
Saturday Night Track Cruise

Take your truck out on the big track for
a couple of laps after awards on Saturday